Tuesday, 28 June 2011

'Summertime and the living is easy...'

Toby Toshiba is in the computer hospital having had a very lengthy operation. He is now recovering nicely and thanks everyone for all of your get-well wishes. It was touch and go for a while but he is out of intensive care and should be home in a few days- which is just as well, because Hubby and I are squabbling over his computer like two crabby children.
We shall be away for some of the Summer, and because Hubby claims he has so much gardening to do that he can’t blog much, we have decided to give this blog a holiday too.
I shall of course keep you all fully up to date with our adventures over the next few weeks on my regular blog – Facing 50 with Humour.
For those of you who really need a massive fix of wit and humour or just a hilarious summer read then click the book title and download a copy of MiniSkirts and Laughter Lines onto your Sony, iPhone, computer or Kindle.
If you do it today it will only cost you $1.00, yes $1.00.
You need to type in the following code when you purchase the book and check out- TV38A

So, for the moment we’ll bid you all a wonderful summer and leave you with an advert that we discovered that made us chortle.


  1. Enjoy your summer! Loved the video.

  2. It's good that your laptop will be repaired and returned soon. I remember the days when dad and I used to fight over the family computer...

    Congrats again for your book! I'm tempted to take the special offer, but need to consult the money maker (for now).

  3. PoetessWug, Darlene and Lavi - thank you very much. I shall still be posting on Facing 50 With Humour. It's more Hubby who is taking time off- wimp!
    I'll let you know what mischief we are up to because, yes, I have quite a bit planned!

  4. Thanks a lot, Carol. I bought the book yesterday for $3.99 & now I find if I had waited 1 day I could have saved $2.99. It's a good thing I am (used to be?) rich. All kidding aside, it was worth a lot more!

  5. Just read your E-Mail and watched your promo.....great stuff!

    I have been on a kind of hiatus too....
    We'll have to catch up soon.


  6. Enjoy your time away. Make happy memories. Hugs!!!

  7. Have a wonderful time and a terrific summer!

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