Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hubby's Hotties - I've been tagged

I have been preparing a post all about our electricity box this week. I have been planning it in my head as I go walking and just as I was about to write it up F50 came chattering and giggling like a kid (not the goat version) into my room and told me I’d been tagged! I thought that only happened to criminals. So, I now have to adhere to some rules and answer some questions.
I wouldn’t normally subscribe to this behaviour but since I was asked by a very nice lady from Devon, I have decided to play along – see F50, I’m not the spoilsport you make me out to be. Firstly, allow me to redirect you all to the mischief maker who has had the audacity to tag me. Thisisme at Southhamsdarling is a very nice lady indeed who always takes time to leave friendly comments on my blog posts. I especially appreciated it when I first began writing as it is quite daunting doing this when you’ve no idea what to write. Thisisme has a rather splendid blog that F50 has shown me. Her garden is exceptionally lovely and her clean patio puts ours to shame. Please go and visit this lady – if only to give her a telling off for making me do this especially as I have now caught F50’s horrible cold and feel quite weak.
Do you think you're hot?
Hot no - at the moment I’m freezing cold. I blame F50 and her lousy germs. No, I’m not hot but one of my son’s girlfriends called me ‘The Silver Fox’ a few years ago.
Upload a picture or wall paper that you are using at the moment.Are you kidding? I don’t know what upload means or how to do it. Facing 50 said she’ll sort it out, especially as it’s her fault I’m now ill.  So, that’s answered that then.

My wallpaper - I loved Concorde

When was the last time you ate chicken?
Don’t get me started on food. Everything I eat tastes of sandpaper. In fact sandpaper is probably more nutritious than F50’s cooking. I think we had chicken last month because she bought one when M&S had a ‘Dine in for £10’ offer. I remember it was sticky and tasteless but the lemon tart for dessert was very nice.
The song/songs you listened to recently.
Apparently, I listened to The Wu Pong Cling or Clang or something this morning thanks to a practical joke which wasn’t funny. (If you are reading this F50 don’t ever touch my Abba CD again?) Then I listened to a holy row by some more screaming banshees.
What were you thinking while doing this?
What the *#!? Is this pile of .....
Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
No. I suppose that wasn’t too difficult.
Tag eight blogger friends...
That is difficult as I don’t have any friends yet. I’ll choose eight people who have been kind to me, written comments, and encouraged me to write more. I hope that’s okay.

I wasn't blogged yesterday @ IWASNTBLOGGEDYESERDAY
Jane @ Rattlebox
Everyone else seems to already have been tagged so I’m sticking to six.
Who's listed as number one?
I wasn’t blogged yesterday. Funny and Australian what more could a man want?
Say something about number five?
Jane is a fellow Brit who lives fairly close to us in rural Shropshire. One should always support fellow Brits, so Jane, over to you my dear!
How did you get to know number three?
She left a nice comment for me on my first post and told F50 that she enjoyed visiting. I think anyone willing to spend time reading my posts deserves to be appreciated. Thank you Darlene.
How about number four?
Oh dash it! I’ve just discovered Belle was tagged too. Now what do I do?
Leave a message for number six?
Facing 50 would love to come and visit you. Please don’t give her too much wine when she does because she’ll talk rubbish. (More rubbish than normal!)
Leave a lovey- dovey message for number two?
Don’t be ridiculous. I’m a man. I don’t do lovey-dovey!
Right that’s it. ‘Tag everyone’ Now I’m going to write all about our electricity box because that is an entertaining story.


  1. You are too cute. Now I thought I was going to read a lovey dovey message. But then again I don´t "do" that either. Just ask my husband...haha
    Thanks for the tag. Not sure if I´ll obey the rules though, because I´m an anti-rule kind of person. When I see that many people are doing the same thing I tend to do the opposite. :)

  2. Oh dear - I'm honored to be tagged by hubby, especially as we see eye-to-eye on many things (holidays being a pain, etc.). I'm sure F50, as you call the vivacious Carol, will agree with me when I say "Define: 'too much wine'..." Cheers!

    Dear Ladies,
    Thank you very much for being understanding and participating in this 'event'.
    -Betty, I'm with you wholeheartedly. Rules are for bending at the very least.
    -Valerie, in the case of F50 one glass is enough, two she becomes hyper, three - argumentative, four -unreasonable and five - unconscious. Does that help?

  4. *Teehee*...Good job with this. I'm still mentally working on what I'm going to say on mine, since I was tagged by your lovely wife the other day!!...By the way, ABBA...really? LOL

  5. What happened to #7 and #8. I think you have to tell whether they are similar or not. No taking short cuts. I'll tell your wife on you!

    Hahaha...You did great. Enjoyed that very much.

  6. Woop Woop! I can leave comments again, so I am posting one that I made earlier!
    Dear Hubby - thank you so much for joining in the fun. Oh! I never thought that you were a spoilsport for one moment. I don't believe everything that that naughty F50 tells us, you know. I liked the Concorde photo. It was a pretty streamlined aeroplane, wasn't it. Pity it went out of service. I miss my flights on her, jetting over to New York and sipping champagne! Wu Pong Cling (or Clang) is like a foreign language to me, I'm afraid! I'm with you on that one. I do hope that you will be feeling better very soon. Get F50 to rub some hot goosefat on your chest, or perhaps she could give you a quick rub down with the Sporting Life...

  7. Dear hubby,THANKS! :0 I don't know ,maybe someone who can cook, and clean more than the dust you can actually see?my hubby lucked out lol
    I like these taggy things.
    Just being Australian probably makes me funny...

    Good morning ladies,
    -Poetess Wug, she's not so lovely this morning. She has a very sore red nose. Serves her right for giving me her nasty cold. Good luck with your responses. Will they all be in rhyme?
    -Bouncin'Barb, I didn't know enough bloggers to choose a number 7 and 8. All the people who come here had already been tagged by others. Sorry I couldn't find anyone else to play with. Maybe you could invite your husband to join in?
    -Thisisme, now facing 50 warned me that you might be extracting the michael with this comment. Regular flights over to the States on Concorde - you wouldn't tease an old man would you? In truth I have flown Concorde. F50 arranged for me to fly the Concorde Simulator with some friends many years ago. It was, without doubt the most beguiling aircraft. Such a shame it is no longer in service and my dream of flying on it remains unfulfilled.
    I'm pleased to hear you are able to comment again. Now you know why I hate all this modern technology - it always messes about and frustrates.
    I am highly concerned about the goosefat comment. Quite honestly I don't want her anywhere near me at the moment. She keeps coughing and blowing her nose all the time. I don't want to feel worse and goose fat would make me think I was about to be cooked. You do know about her inability to cook, don't you?
    -IWASNTBLOGGEDYESTERDAY, my dear woman, I live with F50. She can't see dust even if she uses a magnifying glass to clean with.
    Australians are always funny, or am I just thinking of Rolf Harris and Dame Edna Everage? Good luck with the tag. I'm sure you'll be better at it than me.

  9. Dear Hubby, I see that I'm the last to respond, but, it's because we've been having computer issues, and, well, that causes everything to be disrupted! It's been a long time since I've played tag, but I will join in the fun, and hopefully, won't get too winded! Thank you so much for your kind words. My daughter has informed me that I have a "blogger crush" on both you and F50! I always look forward to reading both of your blogs. They always make me laugh out loud - in a good way of course. I hope you and F50 are feeling better.

  10. Hello! Following from the Friday Hop. What a lovely, funny blog... I laughed out loud at yesterday's post about the "carrots". I've participated in my share of meme's and hops but this "tagging" one looks terrifying! Well done, you!

    Love to have you stop by and visit sometime!
    ~Mrs B

  11. I love the humor here and look forward to reading more.

    I'm your newest follower from the friday hop.

    Visit sometime,

  12. You've only been blogging for a month and have already been tagged. Very impressive kiddo.

    Dear Darlene, Tt's been a while since anyone has had a crush on me so I'm rather flattered. I'm sure you'll be fine in the playground - we all seem to be fairly sedate these days so you'll have no trouble tagging someone and hanging on to your breath. Thank you I feel a little better today but judging by F50's face she is still feeling miserable. I think I'll stay out of her way today again.
    Dear Mrs B, What a surprise. So, that's what happens when you link to a hop. I wondered why F50 insisted we join Java's hop yesterday. I just let her get on with it. I shall send F50 over to you as soon as she gets up. I know she'll want to meet you and she's much better at finding people than I am. I'm still confused about how to put up my post without help. Thank you for following. F50 put up the cartoons. She's always looking for things to make people laugh. She can be quite annoying sometimes!
    Dear Jewel, I would like to extend a welcome to you too. Another follower - gosh! I shall send F50 over to you too. She types faster than I do and knows how to leave messages. Thank you.
    Dear Bodacious Boomer, Yes, I was very surprised too. F50 assures me that my posts are enjoyed but I'm not so convinced. I think that nice lady from Devon was just being kind and trying to include me. I like Devon cream teas so maybe I should drop down there one day.

  14. Nicely done! I tagged your wife if that makes you feel better. She had to do this also. I thought I'd spare you but I should have known it would come back around. haha. I'm sure not all of Carols cooking is as bad as you make it sound you ornery man. Best of wishes. Have a great weekend.

  15. Dear F50's Hubby--Funny blog, but you should stop complaining that she gave you her cold, even if it's true. Isn't it the same cold that she got because of your FORCED MARCHES? I've seen the picture (on her blog) of her punching the big bag & her stomach muscles are obvious! She doesn't need that much exercise. Be gentle with her.

  16. Wo Pong Cling. lol. Does C listen to rap? I am constantly amazed by your wife. You should get with the programme, hubs. lol

  17. Well, I must be really late to this tagging thing, but I was one of your first followers ( I think), and I get no love. You know, I'm going to have to tell F50 on you.....hopefully she won't be too harsh on
    Congrats on being so popular with the blogging ladies, you silver fox you....