Friday, 6 May 2011

Hubby's Hotties-How to make Mr Grumpy turn into Mr Happy

     Facing50 is spitting feathers. Why? Because I’ve only written three posts and I’ve been given my first award - the Versatile Blogger Award.
     “Do you know how long it took me to get an award?” she said in disbelief.
     “No,” I replied innocently.
     I know exactly when she got her first award because she was as pleased as Punch, and told me all about it, several times, while I was trying to unblock the sink. Having now received my first award I can understand her euphoria and so I must thank Melynda from Craziness Abounds for bestowing this accolade upon me, a humble beginner who still doesn’t know how to cut and paste.
    There are various conditions attached to receiving it. Firstly I have to tell you 7 things about myself I asked Facing 50 what I should write; after all, you know nothing about me. Facing50 scoffed at that and said you all know quite a lot about me, and even some things I don’t know about myself so that didn’t help.
     I have come up with these few offerings which I hope you’ll accept. I am, however, quite an ordinary person.
-I like watching Fawlty Towers. I know all the episodes off pat. They are as pertinent to today’s situations as they were when they were first aired on television
-I prefer the countryside to towns. I am always in search for quiet and harmony. Difficult when you live with Facing50.
-I’m not a fan of sports. This makes me odd in the male world. When our son comes home and chats about the cricket or football, I have to nod and pretend I know what he is talking about.
-I am a chocoholic. I have to eat some chocolate every day. I have cut down recently but the craving gets me at some point in the day. I have a drawer full of chocolate which is mine alone. Luckily Facing50 doesn’t like chocolate much.
-I cannot abide incompetence. If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I wish someone would tell our local council that and repair the road outside our house.
-Weather fascinates me. I have several weather stations dotted about the house to check what is going to happen. I adore thunderstorms.  
- I can’t think of a number seven. Is this because I am modest or boring?
     Next I am to pass this award to bloggers and blogs I feel deserve it. You’ve caught me out there. It’s all I can do to post. Reading blogs is for Facing50. I’ve used up all my technological ability in typing this. F50 sometimes reads bits out for me or tells me what someone has said. I am therefore, with her help, giving my own award.  It is a unique award -made and drawn by Facing50.
     It is for all of you who are reading this, who have written such nice messages to me and have welcomed me with open arms into the blogging community. I would like you all to take the Hubby’s Hotties Award for Professional Bloggers – nothing can be more professional than giving encouragement to those who are blindly making their way in blogging world. Comments and feedback is as important as writing a post. Please take the award and display it proudly on your blogs. If Facing50 can show me how, I’ll come by and visit you. I wanted the award to display ‘I am a hottie’ but you know who said that would lower the tone.
     Thank you Melynda, and all of you. Facing 50 is now allowing me post on this page rather than in the background. Then, we’ll be able to save the posts and comments and more importantly, I get to be on the front page which, naturally, I deserve.
Please take this award - please. It took F50 all day to make it!


  1. Congratulations on your award!!! I enjoy your posts...and so does my husband. He's still chuckling about the dandelions too. {He's battling ours!! LOL} I will gladly take your award, not because I deserve it, but because I wouldn't have been able to comment without acknowledging it!! LOL And I soooooo can't help myself from commenting!!! ^_^

  2. congrats on your first award!!! I love you and facing50's relationship...this post today just made me smile and reminds me of my hubbie and IF he had a blog...LOL

    again, big huge congrats to ya!

  3. Well, Mr Hubby (is it ok to call you that?) congratulations on your award! You're a lot like those celebrities, who are first known through stories about them, which builds up a real fan club even before everyone gets to meet the person more personally.

    The award is really pretty, Facing50 is quite talented with the colours.

  4. Mr. Hubby..Congrats on the well deserved award!
    You might be my Hubbies TWIN!!
    He is a time I made a pan of brownies, they were
    devoured in a day..he blamed it on the dog ( at the time we did not have
    a dog).
    He does not like sports!
    He is a country mouse while I am the city mouse!

    Have a wonderful weekend and, again, Congratulations!

  5. Dear Hubby

    It's super to see you've been tackling your keyboard today to tap out a new post for all your devoted followers to enjoy this evening. I forgive you for not replying to our comments last time, as frankly, I find I'm barely able to make it just visiting all the blogs I follow! I honestly don't know how Facing50 manages to spread herself all over the web!

    I am also a techno klutz and so I'm not sure how to go about uploading the lovely award Facing50 sketched and which you've so gallantly handed out to each of us. I do want you to know I greatly appreciate having been included, but as I'm anything but a professional blogger, it's probably just as well I don't know how to display it on my blog. I'd really hate to give myself the reputation of presenting myself falsely!

    It's always so good to visit the two of you. You've become quite an institution out here in Blogland and, if this were the real world, you'd be Mr & Mrs President or you'd have your very own husband & wife TV show, but since it's only make-believe out here, you'll just have to imagine what you're missing out on. I hope I haven't spoilt your evening by having pointed this out? Facing50 has intimated that it doesn't take very much to get you sounding off about that true?

  6. Congratulations on your award! And, thank you so much for bestowing your own award! I know what you mean about all the ins and outs of blogging. It can be quite overwhelming. I think it would be fantastic (as a chocoholic) to be married to an non-chocoholic! As it is, I always have to share my chocolate.

  7. Congratulations on the award Mr Hubby and, like Desiree, I shall forgive you for not coming back to us on our comments to your last post! Every day I dutifully came across to see if you had said anything, and each day I had to go away bitterly disappointed! That facing50 is so talented to have drawn that Award all by herself. Is there no end to her many myriad of talents?! Sending hugs to you.

  8. Eeeek!! I've just popped into your other post again, and see that you now HAVE posted a reply, so all is well with the world!!

  9. You are quite welcome dear sir! I'm glad you liked it. And thank you for the delightful award I will post if proudly on my page! Give your wife a big hug. She is a great help to me with my incompetance! Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I can hardly believe it, a post from Hubby. Last time I was here,it was the lovely Carol who was posting, and I was totally ignorant of the fact that you too have posted here. Well, let me just tell you I am so glad to finally read you. I'm sure you're not at all as Carol described you (oh oh I shouldn't have said that, I think...) You sound just as friendly and obviously as talented as Mrs. Hubby, since you've already won an award, congratulations!

  11. Congrats on your award! Just found this blog and enjoy it very much...can't wait to learn more about ya'll.

  12. Congrats on your first award! It is nice to see a couple blogging together. I wish I could get my hubby to blog, but that means he would miss a re-run of John Wayne in a western.

    Goodness gracious me! I came online because F50 told me to make sure I didn't keep people waiting for replies to their comments and I find there are so many.
    -Poetess Wug. The dandelions continue to be the bane of my life. Along with the rabbits. Your husband has my sympathy. I'm very glad you have taken the award. It might cheer up your husband. Good thing F50 didn't draw a dandelion on it.
    -melody-mae. Thank you. The secret to a good relationship is to spend most of the time in separate rooms. Oops hope F50 doesn't read that. I'd let your man have a blog. It'll make him happy for a while. You might have to help him though.
    -Lavi. Me a celebrity! I'd better buy myself some sunglasses for when I go out in case I get recognised. Thank you.
    -Shawn. You clearly have great taste in men.
    I shall be back to continue my replies in a while.

    Sorry about that I had to take F50 out for her walk. She won't go unless I drag her out.
    Now where was I? Ah yes,Desiree. What a compliment but I would make a dreadful president. All those functions to attend and all those meals to eat. I'd have no time to run the country. As for sounding off. She really is quite rude isn't she? Can you imagine me getting hot under the collar about anything? I am mild mannered and calm. (Some of the time).
    Darlene. I would lock my chocolate away if I were you. Chocoholics understand the anxiety that we face when we go to get a piece of our favourite bar, only to discover someone else has had it. Grrr.
    Thisisme. Thank you for understanding. I try to keep up with it all but some days I fail. I won't tell F50 she is talented. She doesn't need any more praise. It'll be like living with a prima donna.
    Craziness abounds. I should be thanking you. I'll pass on your message. I don't actually have to hug her though do I?
    Alessandra. Thank you very much. I am over the moon now. You have missed out on some pearls of wisdom from my last posts whci have since been wiped. Should you wish to catch up I'm sure the great internet guru F50 will send them to you. She keeps them in a file somewhere on the computer. Don't ask me where.
    Jennee. Many thanks and thank you for sticking with us. How do you people ever find these blogs? I'll send F50 over to say hello.
    Belle. Well, I suppose he could have his own wild west blog. He'd have to research all the old westerns. I bet there would be a big following for that.

  15. What a wonderful award and very well deserved! Congratulations on winning it! Love reading your blog and all about hubby too very funny!

    Terry. You are very kind. Thank you

  17. You are one of my two favorite people in the Mr. & Mrs. Facing 50 couple!! Does Mrs. F50 know how funny you are?

  18. fishyducky. You are extremely kind. Thank you. F50 always tells me I am funny so I must be. I wasn't aware of it before then though.

  19. Congratulations on your award! Good on ya!

    BTW, I hate dandelions, too. Possibly more than clover, but not as much as bittercress or blackberries.

  20. Congrats Hubs. Many more awards to come I am sure

  21. Im a bit late with this comment but thank you for the award xxx What a great blog!