Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody. Help, I need someone....Help!

Okay, today I am unveiling the blurb for my yet to be published book. I now need your valuable feedback. Please read the blurb and then comment on whether it is exciting enough to get you to buy the book or if it is lacking. I shan't mind if you criticise it at all, in fact sometimes criticism is better than praise. I have made myself go mad trying to rewrite it and now I need impartial opinions. The book is wrtten in a similar vein to my blogs so is largely humorous. All help will be more than gratefully received.

     Amanda Wilson can’t decide between murder, insanity and another glass of red wine. Facing the big five oh and all that it entails is problematic enough without having to deal with a man who makes Victor Meldrew look like Coco the Clown. What’s the point in minking your eyes, or crumbling up Horny Goats Weed into his afternoon cocoa, when your husband would much rather watch ‘Russia Today’ than admire you, strutting in front of the television wearing only thigh length boots and a thong? 
     Her son has managed to perform yet another magical disappearing act. Could he actually be buried under the mountain of festering washing which is strewn on his bedroom floor? He’ll certainly be buried somewhere when she next gets her hands on him after last night's shenanigans.
     Life is certainly 'drab' not 'fab' at the moment.  Isn't fifty supposed to be the new forty?Not for Amanda it seems. At least her mother knows how to enjoy herself. She’s partying her twilight years away in Cyprus. Queen of the Twister mat, she now has a toy boy in tow. However, who knows what the pearly-white toothed Adonis is really up to? 
     Everyone else seems to enjoy life to the maximum. Even the ancient next door neighbours know how to have fun. When they aren’t getting people blotto with their homemade wine, they spend weekends shooting off on their new motor bike, which they bought from his ‘PeaPad’.    
     Amanda blames desperation, hormones and Tiffany's coltish, blemish-free legs. She really shouldn’t have pressed that send button. The past always catches up with you sooner or later. Still, her colourful past is a welcome relief to her monochrome present; especially when it comes in the shape of provocative Todd Bradshaw, her first true love.
     Soon Mandy has a difficult decision to make; one that will require more than a few glasses of Chianti.

So, what do you think? Is it interesting enough or should I rewrite? Speak your mind please...help!


  1. First of all, I hope you're feeling better today. I read how you caught the cold (but they, losing some weight must have been worth it).

    Your book sounds a lot like your life (including the boogieing mother :D) with a twist. And, knowing your blogs, I'd love to buy your book (if only I weren't broke...). It sounds great, I hope it sells out :D

  2. OK, I'm loving it. Following it and also understanding it. Love how she wants to strangle the son for the mess. I sooooo know that feeling. I want an autographed copy when it's published!!! Seriously Carole, it's great. I only read mystery/suspense/psychological thrillers, so if this interests me thus far, that is huge.

  3. Nothing funny from me today, just a statement. I DEFINITELY WOULD BUY THIS BOOK!! You go, girl!

  4. Sounds to me like Mandy's about to get herself into some trouble - which is what she is looking for - a way 'out' of a 'drab not fab' life? I look forward to reading how she pulls herself out of it... big big hugs Mandy!

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  7. I don't know about critiquing such things, nor would "I" try to critique "YOU"!! I just say "YOU GO GIRL!!!" :-)

  8. I just love the way you write and bring humor to the fifties so I like PoetessWug cannot critique. I love what you write and enjoy it very much. You do it with great humor and laughter! Keep writing. I would buy
    You have been awarded a blogger award over at my blog please feel free to go over and pick it up at www.lifesbeautynuggets.blogspot.com

  9. Aaargh Blogger keeps locking me out of my own blogs and I've not been able to comment - not even from my phone. I hope this (the eigth time this works) Many many thanks to you all. My editor suggested I get as much feedback as possible about the blurb and title so I could come to a decision so all comments are very welcoem - yes Desiree, especially yours. I value all your thoughts. We are all different but we have one thing in common we enjoy writing so it's extremely helpful to get other views of what I am attempting here. I shall take on board everything that has been said. (Huge thanks for the praise too - that is an added bonus and gives me hope.
    I find it easier to write spontaneously than when I'm trying to impress a publisher. I seem to lose the momentum when I know I'll only get one crack at it and will be judged on a letter. Agaian thank you all. Desiree I shall email you when I've fed Hubby and been dragged out for a walk again. You obvously thought long and hard about what to say to me and I appreciate that tremendously.
    Well, let's see if this one posts

  10. Blogger wouldn't let me comment yesterday...so trying today. I had to Google Victor Meldrew, but I am a 30 something American - so I don't know if I'm your target audience. But of course I'll be reading the book!