Sunday, 24 April 2011

'They call me mellow yellow...'

I’ve hopped off my blog today and have taken myself to Italy. Not literally, although I’d love to hang out with Valerie from Living Out of a Box properly. She has kindly (and bravely) invited me to do a guest post at her beautiful blog today. Since she is a connoisseur of wine, it was a done deal as far as I was concerned.
Please click on the link below, meet the talented and gorgeous Valerie, enjoy her fabulous blog, and of course read my latest post...’They call me mellow yellow...’
Hopefully, it'll bring a cheerful smile to your face, which is more than it did for Hubby.

I'll only be posting one short post this week here, as I really need to concentrate on editing my book. Hubby said he'll try and do his post too but the garden needs doing - ha! I'll change the funnies page for you to giggle at and will be back later in the week. I shall be announcing the lucky winners of the 'Ten Years Younger' draw on the big day - the 29th. Make sure you've entered.

Happy Easter Everyone...oh blast, Hubby hasn’t bought me any eggs.


  1. I saw your post over on Valerie's blog. Cute! Tell your hubby that my hubby will be joining him in the 'Dandelion Wars' soon! :-))

  2. Hope all goes well with your book!! That is so exciting..

  3. Moles and Rabbits and Foxes, Oh MY!
    Your husband and mine are related. Rick gets out on our back lawn on his hands and knees, weeding... Our lawn is lush and beautiful. I want to dig it up to plant more veggies. What do you think are my chances?
    Good luck with your book - I'm very impressed.

  4. I'm touched by your good wishes - thank you. I shall attempt to get everything written by the end of the week, all editing done, and be back on my blog duties. Hopefully Hubby will stop annoying me like he has done all day. I've got very little done except listen to his complaints!
    I hope you all have a great week too.

  5. Currently singing the line they call me mellow yellowww, giggle xo